domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

New blog and new video

Hi everyone! Yes, I'm alive, but not for long... hahaha! Ok, yesterday I upload my new video "Casual wear", that is the first that I make outside my house. It was really an unforgettable experience, not will the last time that I'm going to do... Thanks to an old friend, I had the chance to record a lot of outdoors material, that I will use to be creating fetish videos. As always, I had problems just upload the video. The original music video was cut severely by youtube, for copyright issues, so I had to change the song. If you want to see the video with original music, you can download from my 4shared page. More things: this is the last entry in this blog. From right now, I'm going to start posting on my new blog, though it will continue operating so that you keep enjoying my old entries. Greetings!

domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

New video!

Ok, I don't dare to upload my new video on youtube, because it contains a scene in which you can see "my nipples"... and we all know how are "they" with those things... So you can see my new video just in dollspride, but if you want to see a version with a larger format (16:9), I offer you can download from my 4shared page (scroll down to see the download link)

martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Happy Christmas!

Hello everybody and merry Christmas!! My first video with my femskin, already is here! It is an honour for me to congratulate Christmas with this video, because it is the first video that I make with femskin, and also the first that you can hear my voice! I hope not the last, in fact, I have already very hot material to become a new femskin video. I will leave two photos to enjoy them. I will announce very soon where I'll publish my new video.

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Femskin, feelings...

Ok, hello everybody... After that spectacular first contact with my femskin, I wanted to write about my first impressions... While I unwrapped the package, my heart beat fast. In there was the femskin, the desired femskin. When I finally opened the package, my face was illuminated. There it was. I could not believe my eyes. As long as I had dreamed, was now in front of my eyes. The softness of silicone, thickness, elasticity... Without pause, undressed, and after a quick shower, I started getting into the femskin. I had an erection. Sorry to be so direct! but I was living a very erotic moment and I could not resist. My legs were sliding slowly into this wonder and I could feel the silicone was sticking in my skin. After 20 grueling minutes, the femskin covering my body. I can't describe what I felt at that moment, it is almost impossible to explain with words... Then, I became curious and opened the door of my closet to look in the mirror. Ahead of me was a beautiful woman. Just missing the mask and wig. Perfect image! At that time, I thought that I could use a lot of clothes that previously could not use. Semi-transparent dresses, low-cut shirts, bikinis... and I looked fantastic. I was more than 3 hours before the mirror trying on things and was getting more and more excited. I looked like a beautiful woman, I felt a real woman. Why all this? Because I feel free. Fortunately, I can to decide what I do with my life. And what I like now is to turn into a doll. Well! More! I am elated and exultant! It is evident that before me opens a new world, full of great possibilities... For example, I think of a new version of this "magical suit 1" or any video with some lingerie... Perhaps a version with some naked... but that will be seen below... For now I'm wondering how I could improve my figure (I follow the diet, I've lost 8 kg since I started) with some new pads. My old pads, I had to cover with silicone, because they were badly damaged, but it lost elasticity. In fact, it shows in some of my photos, wrinkles and bumps caused by the pads. At the moment nothing more... I can only say that soon I'll upload my first Christmas video. Greetings!

miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Femskin, first pictures!

Hello to everybody! I am very exited! For three hours, I've been testing my clothes with my new femskin. It's awesome, is brutal, I have no words to describe what I feel... for now, I leave a few pictures to enjoy them... You can see all pictures in my facebook, and coming soon in my dollspride account...

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010


Hello beauties & gentlemens! Today I have put up for sale on ebay 4 items that I no longer used. A mannequin head, a silicone breast forms, jeans and other jeans. I've put in the form of auction, because I thing that you can make a cleaner and matched sale. I hope that I can sell anything, because we are in times of crisis and my bank account has not supported very well my last purchases. Anyway, that means I will soon have new clothes to show in my cam. For those who are attracted by a girl like me and want to see me, can add to my messenger account You can also add me to yahoo messenger with this id: ladyblue0909

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Red & black video

Hi everyone! Finally, the second part of red & white is already here. You can find it in my 4shared page with the title of "Red & black" and you can see the continuation of the adventures of the evil Lady Blue and his slave Estrella Sun. Again, my friend helped me to record this video will be part of a trilogy. With that I say now that there will be a third video of the adventures of Lady Blue and Estrella Sun. Ok, one more thing, my new video on youtube is coming soon! As a small advance, I leave a few pictures of that video to be called "The curse of the black rubber"